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Sarah Appleton – COVID-19: How to regulate distress and identify helpful sources of support

Dr Sarah Appleton is a Clinical Psychologist working in Employee Health for Central London Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. Sarah shares strategies about how to best regulate difficult emotions to allow you to effectively identify and connect with sources of help. Two blogs accompany this podcast, one entitled ‘Why we’re all grieving’ written by Sarah and the other ‘Suffering during a time of crisis’ written by her colleague Neal Gething.

In Mindcast

Jane O’Rourke – Breathing Exercise for Calming Mind and Body

Jane O’Rourke is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist with Children, Young People and Families. She teaches Yoga4Trauma within the Trauma Service at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. How we breathe has a big impact on our mental and physical health. Jane guides us through a breathing exercise called the ‘box technique’ to calm the body and mind.

Guidance for school staff to support parental anxiety

Resource description: A short guide produced by Camden Learning, with the aim to support any staff who might have to have conversations with parents who are feeling anxious and distressed. This contains tips and prompts to help manage these conversations, as well as methods on challenging unhelpful thoughts and additional resources. Link to resource: Read or download the PDF Resource format: PDF Topic: Supporting parents/carers Audience: Educational providers and Senior Leadership

In Mindcast

Martin Pratt – Welcome to Education in Mind

Martin Pratt is the Director of Children’s Services for the London Borough of Camden and a Director of Camden Learning.  His podcast is an introduction to the Education in Mind website.  He talks about the unique challenges our children are facing at this time and how Camden are working in partnership with the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust to provide psychological support for the education workforce.

Understanding trauma and how it affects us

Resource description: Information from the Tavistock Trauma Service about trauma. This resource explains what happens after a traumatic event, what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is, some of the difficulties people who have experienced complex trauma may have and recovering from trauma. Link to resource: Read or download the PDF Resource format: PDF Topic: Trauma Audience: Everyone

Self Care Tree

Resource description: An informational graphic of a self care tree for staff setting out different ways to manage prolonged stress at work and at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, created by Dr Jurga Paserpskyte a Senior Clinical Psychologist. Link to resource: Read or download the JPG Resource format: JPG Topic: Staff wellbeing Audience: Educational providers and Everyone