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4 Mental Health: Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources

Resource description: This website, co-funded by NHS England, is offering support around wellbeing and coping strategies; including how to create a wellbeing plan. Link to resource: Visit the webpage Resource format: Webpage Topic: Mental wellbeing, Resilience, and Stress Audience: Everyone and Working with young people

Responding to the coronavirus: resources for mental health and wellbeing

Resource description: Heads Together have published a free toolkit with resources and tips to help address anxiety arising from these challenging times. The toolkit includes a booklet to support schools, videos to provide practical guidance and tips to schools, parents and carers about coronavirus (COVID-19) and mental health, activities to ease anxiety that can be done at school or at home, and other helpful advice, helplines and resources for adults and children. Link to resource: Read or download the PDF […]

Looking after ourselves: for staff in schools

Resource description: A document produced by Camden Learning, based on the NHS ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’, offering guidance to all staff working in schools. The short guide provides tips, practical suggestions and additional contacts to help keep staff and their families mentally healthy during this time. Link to resource: Read or download the PDF Resource format: PDF Topic: Mental wellbeing Audience: Educational providers and Everyone

Camden Learning Transition 2020-21

Resource description: A planning statement from Camden Learning about how best to support the cohort of students transitioning from Primary to Secondary school, and their unique difficulties due to having to do so within the COVID time frame. This contains advice on what this specifically means for Camden, how Primary schools can provide support, and the resources, ideas, and training that the Health and Wellbeing Teams may be able to provide. Link to resource: Read of download the PDF Resource […]


Tavistock&Portman · Navigating the Resources Section We’ve curated these resources in response to what we are hearing from you, and will continue to add more as the situation and your needs change over time. You can filter by Topic; Audiences; Formats – or use the Search function if you want to find something more specific. Can’t find what you want? Get in touch via the Contact us page.

How are you, North Central London?

We want to hear from all staff across North Central London, to know what support would be most helpful to you. Its really important, particular during busy times, to take a few moments out of your day to stop and think about what you might need. We’re using the How Are You? Today survey to hear from you and to help you to think about what you need and to help us understand what our podcasters should be talking about […]

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I really want to help, how can I get involved? We have been overwhelmed with offers of support for Education in Mind. The main ways you can help for this project: If you are a Education or Mental Health and wellbeing practitioner: Offer your time to contribute to the podcasts by sending an email to stating your area of expertise. If you are a staff member working in one of the educational organisations in Camden: Spread the word about […]


We are a team of education, wellbeing and mental health practitioners working within Camden, with the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust as our base. Together we all have extensive experience of working within schools and supporting the emotional wellbeing of the educational workforce, and children, parents/carers and families. Who is this for and how can I use it? The Education in Mind website is relevant to anyone who works in schools or wider places of education in Camden. Whilst […]