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Guidance for school staff to support parental anxiety

A short guide produced by Camden Learning, with the aim to support any staff who might have to have conversations with parents who are feeling anxious and distressed. This contains tips and prompts to help manage these conversations, as well as methods on challenging unhelpful thoughts and additional resources.

COVID-related critical incident support in schools

Information about how schools can manage their critical incident (bereavement) response in relation to COVID-19. Information includes initial school response, how to support a bereaved child or young person, children’s concepts of death by age, how to react and speak to a bereaved child and supporting a bereaved child in the classroom.

Looking after ourselves: for staff in schools

A document produced by Camden Learning, based on the NHS ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’, offering guidance to all staff working in schools. The short guide provides tips, practical suggestions and additional contacts to help keep staff and their families mentally healthy during this time.

Transitions for children with SEND in the Early Years

Guidance from the Inclusive Interventions Team on thinking about the psychological aspects of transitions for students from Camden Schools; thinking about how to welcome children back into settings after a long period of absence, and also plan for the next steps in their educational journey; focusing on the transition from nursery to school. This includes activities, details on meetings and support plans, and useful contacts.

Camden Learning Transition 2020-21

A planning statement from Camden Learning about how best to support the cohort of students transitioning from Primary to Secondary school, and their unique difficulties due to having to do so within the COVID time frame. This contains advice on what this specifically means for Camden, how Primary schools can provide support, and the resources, ideas, and training that the Health and Wellbeing Teams may be able to provide.

Understanding trauma and how it affects us

Information from the Tavistock Trauma Service about trauma. This resource explains what happens after a traumatic event, what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is, some of the difficulties people who have experienced complex trauma may have and recovering from trauma.

The Worry Time Technique

A guide from Coping with Coronavirus about how to get in control of worry. “There is a lot to worry about at the moment, but don’t let worry use up the time and energy you need to be spending on keeping physically and mentally healthy.”